Commonwealth X-Ray



Commonwealth X-Ray Is the leading supplier of Medical PACS & Digital X-Ray Equipment throughout Ohio and Kentucky. We provide the latest in Medical PACS to the medical market. Below you will find  a small sample of the products we represent. Contact us today for more information and pricing or for an in-office demonstration - (800) 964-9289.


Exa PACS (Viztek)


xa was designed with the purpose of providing never before seen speed and workflow efficiency with the most advanced features and tool-sets available. All prior PACS have been forced to sacrifice speed or functionality, but Exa delivers both.


Exa’s zero footprint (ZFP) viewer offers full diagnostic toolsets and viewing capabilities from any computer. ZFP allows for immediate viewing on any consumer grade PC with no downloads, plugins or installations necessary. Software updates are now implemented across all users instantly through the centralized software.


With no prefetching of exams required, and the ability to work on any operating system, Exa offers incredible speed benefits with server-side rendering technology.




Novarad NovaPACS


NovaPacs leads the industry as a proven PACS system, increasing radiology efficiency through a completely mouse driven viewer, a fully customizable interface, and a set of easily accessible advanced features. The best web-based technology with both thin client and zero client solutions that utilize high level streaming, imaging algorithms, and proprietary methods for distributing large data sets quickly. Absolutely full-featured viewer; robust and scalable. Always improving, to remain one of the best products available. User-friendly, easy to learn and completely customizable with buttons, toolbars, menu hotkeys, and mouse settings that follow the user wherever they go. Images and reports available anytime, anywhere, via any web browser, PDA, or smart phone.