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Commonwealth X-Ray Is the leading supplier of Ultrasound Systems & Digital X-Ray Equipment throughout Ohio and Kentucky. We provide the latest in Ultrasound Systems to the market. Below you will find  a small sample of the products we represent. Contact us today for more information and pricing or for an in-office demonstration - (800) 964-9289.




Konica Sonimage HS1 ultrasound system


The SONIMAGE HS1ís high sensitivity and broadband linear probe features several advancements in transducer technology, such as a multi-level matching layer, optimized component materials, and nanofabrication technology. SONIMAGE HS1 uses a five-level wave control algorithm to generate separate harmonic signals that cover the entire receive spectrum of the system. As a result, SONIMAGE HS1 overcomes many common trade-offs between resolution and penetration, providing the right balance for optimum, best-in-class image quality.