Commonwealth X-Ray



Commonwealth X-Ray Is the leading supplier of Medical CR Systems & Digital X-Ray Equipment throughout Ohio and Kentucky. We provide the latest in Digital (CR) Computed Radiography Systems to the medical market. Below you will find  a small sample of the products we represent, please keep in mind that we offer a large inventory of CR Systems. Contact us today for more information and pricing or for an in-office demonstration - (800) 964-9289.

Konica Xpress CR


The Konica Xpress CR represents computed radiology innovation as its very finest. The modular design of the Xpress allows for the greatest flexibility in custom configurations for patients, producing true workflow improvements in any environment, especially high volume where quick and high quality images are constantly required. It is widely recognized as the optimum combination of quality, performance, and value within the industry.



Konica ImagePilot Sigma


The ImagePilot Sigma is the all-in-one CR solution specifically for low-volume practices that still want that superior image quality and reliability expected from the REGIUS family of products. The ImagePilot Sigma is considered an entry level CR solution with its simple user interface and smooth workflow. Perfect for a wide range of medical practitioners.





Commonwealth offers the easy to install, use, and maintain AGFA CR 30-X. Itís table-top size allows for it to be placed easily in any location. This is a system that provides seamless integration from x-ray exposure to print or soft copy. It uses proven technologies to ensure uncompromising and consistent image quality. The AGFA CR 30-X is a robust and flexible system, ideal solution for any private or decentralized CR environment.




Agfa DX-G


When making the transition from analog to digital, consider the Agfa DX-G. The technologically advanced DX-G is the only solution that allows you to use standard phosphor plates and needle-based detectors with the potential for dose reduction in all studies but particularly in neonatology and pediatrics where dose reduction is crucial. Superior image quality and high throughput, all housed in a compact system comprising the top features of already proven Agfa CR systems.



Quantum CRescendo Classic Image Suite


The CRescendo Classic Image Suite is an affordable CR software package catering specifically towards private practices and smaller clinics. Ideal for optimizing your workflow today but also able scalable to meet any expanding need you may have in the future. Delivering high-quality images including the capturing, viewing, processing, printing, and storing of said images, the CRescendo Classic Image Suite allows you to increase productivity and enhance the care you give to your patients.