Commonwealth X-Ray



Commonwealth X-Ray Is the leading supplier of Chiropractic Conventional X-Ray Equipment throughout Ohio and Kentucky. We provide the latest in conventional x-ray to the chiropractic market. Below you will find  a small sample of the x-ray systems we represent, please keep in mind that we offer a large inventory of X-Ray Systems. Contact us today for more information and pricing or for an in-office demonstration - (800) 964-9289.



The Universal Upright Ray Master is a economical combination of Universalís VS100 (3546) wall stand and Universalís 3307B M tube stand designed to meet the specialized radiographic needs. The system allows for a full range of radiographic capabilities from skull to weight bearing studies, demonstrating the systemís incredible flexibility.





Ideal for all chiropractic environments, the Quantum Chiro-X 1417 consists of the QS-500 Series Tubestand and CHIRO-X Vertical Wall Frame (QW-400). The QS-500 Tubestand is easily positioned using its duel soft-grip handles and the QW-400 is custom designed with the chiropractic profession in mind Ė the full-length frame is easily positioned behind the patient, allowing for complete spinal imaging without the need for repositioning.





The TXR System 1 is an affordable conventional x-ray systems which is ideal for chiropractors on a budget. CHEST-SPINE-INTERNAL, 14" x 17" grid cabinet, 8" x 10" thru 14" x 17" cassettes, 40", 60" and 72" SID. Standard Frequency 400 mA 125 kVp X-ray Control with kVp, mA, and mAs Digital readouts. Provided with SCRís, basic tube limit protection and self-diagnostic program.